Welcome to Mrs. Dallaire's Block 5 Mental Illness Wiki!

What is a wiki?
A wiki is a website or similar online resource which allows users to add and edit content collectively. It can be visited and edited by anyone. “Wiki wiki” means "rapidly" in the Hawaiian language.

What am I supposed to do with a wiki?
You will all work collaboratively to create an informational website regarding specific mental illnesses, symptoms and characteristics, various treatments and more. After you've been assigned a particular mental illness, you will need to gather research based upon the following guidelines and post it to your own page using the pages I've created for you. All of your primary information should be included on that page only. However, if you'd like to create additional pages and link them to your main page, you're encouraged to do so.

Your page should include all of the following information and should be specific to your assigned "mental illness":

1. The name of your mental illness should be at the top of your page and placed in a manner so that it is clear for everyone to see.
2. A description of characteristics and symptoms
3. A list of possible treatment(s)
4. Connector: How the illness can interfere with daily life/living activities
5. Visual(s)
6. Statistics section related to the mental illness
7. Web Linker: Helpful websites for someone who would like to learn more
8. Help Line: Word bank; definitions of key terms

You will be graded upon the following…
1. All of the above guidelines (#'s 1-8) are included in your page
2. Accuracy of information
3. Information is put into your OWN WORDS
4. Effort & good time management