Conversion Disorder
Conversion Disorder: When a person is paralyzed or has blindness, or has any nerve disorder that cannot be medically explained. Conversion disorder usually occurs because of a psychological conflict. Symptoms may occur suddenly after a stressful experience, people are more at risk for Conversion disorder if they have a mental illness, dissociative disorder, or a personality disorder.
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Inability to speak
All symptoms of Conversion Disorder are linked through the nervouse system

Nervous system posterior 3D
Nervous system posterior 3D

Many patients with conversion disorder get better with out treatment, especially after their doctor tells them that there is no cause for their symptoms. If needed, some treatments are counseling, you could get help from a professional so your symptoms don't come back. You could get Physical Therapy, working with a physical therapist may prevent the symptoms of conversion disorder. Regular movement of arms or legs may ward off muscle tightness and weakness if you have paralysis or loss of mobility. Hypnosis may help a person figure out their problem and resolve it. Reports have shown that people with conversion disorder may benefit from Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, which involves exciting brain activity by using weak electrical currents. This stimulation is believed to change the brain's biochemistry and can improve symptoms of various mental disorders.

Daily Life:
If you have Conversion Disorder it will affect how you live everyday, you could be blind, or paralized from conversion disorder you have to deal with that through out the day and have to live with that.

Conversion disorder is a rare condition only 150 in 100,000 people have it. Conversion Disorder is more common in people within the ages of 10 and 35. It is usually resolved within two weeks of diagnosis, 25% of people who are diagnosed with Conversion Disorder have the same reoccuring episode within one year. If your parents have Conversion Disorder you are more likely to get it.

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