Major Depressive Disorder

WHAT IS MAJOR DEPRESSIVE DISORDER: Major Depressive Disorder can aslo be known as either Major Depression, Clinical Depression, or Unipolar Depression. When you use the term Unipolar;it means the presence of one extreme mood. Major Depressive Disorder can also be compared to Bipolar Depression which has two depressed moods (i.e heightened emotion and activity).

SYMPTOMS OF MDD: When looking at Major Depression you have to realize that people are affected in different ways. Some people may have trouble sleeping, eating which causes them to lose weight. Also they may always feel generally agitated and irritable. Then you have those that sleep and eat way too much, constantly feeling worthless and guilty. But even though there are those people that you can tell are depressed, you have those that put a "Happy Face" on.*However though, Most people tend to generally have a depressed mood or loss of interest in activities they once enjoyed, or could have a combination of both those symptoms.

TREATMENTS: There are not many ways to treat Depression other then prescribed Antidepressants. But your doctor may also suggest a specialized form of talk therapy called Psychotherapy. Sometimes you can aslo have a medication added to your Antidepressant to boost it's affectiveness. Last, their is a type of therapy called Electroconvulsive therapy; also known as shock therapy.

CONNECTION TO EVERYDAY LIFE: Major Depressive Disorder affects your everyday life because it may interfere with your work, sleep, studying, eating and all around ability to enjoy life.