Nightmare Disorder
(Dream Anxiety Disorder)
By Caitlin Watson
What is A nightmare? Nightmares are dreams that cause intense fear, Often very complex and long. Nightmares happen in 10-15% of children 3% in young adults and 1% in adults.
What is nightmare disorder? The cronic reoccurance of a fighting dream.

Symptoms? Repeated awakening from a major sleep period. Detailed recall of extended and exteremly frighting dreams upon awakening the person becomes rapildy orented and alert. The dream experience results in the person having distress or imparment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning. The patients must experince repeated awakening from frighting dreams, upon awakening must be fully aware of the surroundings, Must cause distress in important areas of their life, Nightmares can't be caused by another mental Illnessess medcations or other substance abuse.

Causes? Nightmares can be caused by stress, family/friend Problems

Treatment? No lab tests, managed by treating an underlying disorder if there is no underlying disorder patients receive psychological counseling, yoga and meditation can help as a suplament to the counseling.
Prognosis? Nightmare disorder can be a lifelong disorder as the patient gets older a genral improvment may take place