Psychogenic Amnesia

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What is psychogenic amnesia?

It is when someone has severe memory loss, which is normally caused by extreme psychological stress. Also it can be found to be caused by neurobiological causes. Pyschogenic amnesia is not a disease that you are naturally born with, it's caused by a traumatic event or occurance that effects your life darmatically. Can be temporary or last over a long period of time, it depends on how bad the head trauma is or how bas the traumtic event was.


1. Memory loss or amnesia of certain time periods, such as with events and people.
2. Mental health problems, these problems include depression and anxiety.
3. The person feels detached from themselves. (depersonalization)
external image dreams_of_childhood.jpg4. They make up their own reality, such as people and other things. They are distorted and unreal. (derealization)
5. Lastly, they could have a blurred sense of identity.


1. Putting patients into threatening situations to scare the patient. Not only scare the patient, but overwhelm them with emotions to bring out their past memories.
2. Other treatments is to put the patient on medications.
3. Giving the patient relaxation techniques, hypnotic treatments, and psychotherapy.
4. Using their family members to learn their autobiography to bring out their old memories.


If you do not have your past memories, you can't remember your normal routine or schedule. Therefore, you are not capable of carrying out your everyday life in society. It makes nearly impossible to follow through with your tasks, such as a job, because you might not know what you do or how to do it.


From data that has been collected there is no exact amount of how many people this affects. It changes all the time due to people regaining their memories and others losing it due to traumatic events. One statistic that was discovered was that more women have psychogenic amnesia than men do. Another statistic shows that the mortality rate in the United States for 2011-2012 was 9 deaths, which was the second most in the world.
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Word Bank
Neurobiological- This is the section of biology that is concerned with the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system.
Depersonalization- It's the state in which someone doesn't perceive the reality of one's self or their environment.
Derealization- An alteration of reality, the feeling of the world has been changed or lost.
Hypnotic- Inducing hypnosis on someone.
Psychotherapy- This is a treatment used for psychological disorders, group therapy, or even behavioral therapy.