Sociopath Disorder

A severe type of Antisocial personality disorder, characterized by a lack of remorse, being indifferent to/rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another. One must be at least 18 to be diagnosed, but signs tend to show themselves before the person is 15. Signs of the disorder are

1. Disregard for social standards/ the law
2. Lying or conning others for personal gain or pleasure
3. Impulsiveness
4. Aggressiveness
5. Disregard for personal safety/ the safety of others
6. Lack of responsibility
7. Lack of remorse

An antisocial individual may exhibit one or more of these subtypes:

covetous antisocial: A antisocial that believes that life has not given them their due.
reputation-defending antisocial: A narcissistic antisocial.
risk-taking antisocial: Excessively emotional or attention-seeking antisocial.
nomadic antisocial: Antisocial person that is apathetic to social relationships, sensitive to negative feedback, feelings of inadequacy.
malevolent antisocial: A sadistic and paranoid antisocial subtype.


  • A 2002 review of prisoners with mental disorders stated that 47% of male prisoners and 21% of female prisoners displayed antisocial behaviors.
  • Psychopath infers that the disorder stems from a more genetic problem, Sociopath infers that the disorder stems from social/environmental factors.
  • Has a superficial charm and ability to act normal surface, but tend to be expert manipulators without regard for the emotion of others.